With hitting my third trimester milestone yesterday, I decided it was about time to create a baby registry.  Needless to say, it wasn’t initially fun and exciting at first since I went on my OWN.  However, as I zapped along the aisles adding various items to my registry, I got a little carried away and fully threw myself into the spirit of things. I even entered a sweepstakes in which the winner receives everything in her baby registry up to $5,000!  As such, I hope my friends and family don’t think I expect everything in my registry.  This got me thinking, do we live in a society where there is an increasing sense of self-entitlement?

It seems that wherever you turn, in print, TV or the internet, both men and women always want to point the finger and blame others for their predicament rather than facing facts and taking OWNership of their accountabilities.  Being a single mom, I could easily sit here and have a pity party for myself for not providing a cohesive family unit for my child(ren).  Nevertheless, when my son and I sit home on a Friday evening and spend quality time together, I know I made the right decisions for us.  I am blessed to have a son who doesn’t get caught up with the expectations that he is owed more in life because he comes from a broken family.  He is happy and content with what he has been given and never comes across with a sense of entitlement.  He understands the true meaning and value in his relationships with friends and family and for that I am eternally grateful.  I just hope my daughter takes after her big brother because I know I learn every day from my son’s current outlook on life!  He constantly reminds me what is important in life…and sometimes it really is just the little things!


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