Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Today it came to me of all places from a reality show!  Although the show aired yesterday, I DVR-ed the latest episode of the show “The Biggest Loser” and decided to settle in after dinner to watch it with my son.  This episode featured the contestants running a full marathon!  It was amazing and awe-inspiring to sit and witness each contestant’s individual transformation on an emotional, mental and physical level.  To watch in retrospect where the contestants came from to their current strength and resolve in running a marathon was very moving especially since this season included men and women varying in age from young to old.  Despite being pregnant and in relatively good health, I can’t even imagine completing a 26.2 mile run so to see both the young and old take on the challenge and accomplishing this goal was incredible.  I was so proud and excited for each of the contestants as if I personally knew every one of them.  “The Biggest Loser” is a great show to share and experience with my son as it teaches us to have the belief and faith in ourselves and OWN our inner spirit.


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