Regardless of one’s ethical or religious beliefs, there are several strong opinions out there regarding abortion vs. adoption concerning unplanned and unwanted pregnancies for both parents and single parents alike.  Already a single mother myself to a preteen boy, I will admit that I have considered both alternatives when I first found out I was pregnant at the age of 38 with another child since I was expected to go through it alone for a second time.

At first I agonized over the moral decision to terminate my pregnancy but after many waking hours and sleepless nights of thinking it through, I realized I couldn’t go through with this procedure although my ex, CS, and the father of my unborn child expressed he wanted me to.  I ended up making the decision that was best for me which by some standards, defied conventional wisdom and practical logic.  Despite varying viewpoints from family and friends in support of or to the contrary, I had to make my OWN personal choice.  Ultimately I had to live with the path I decided to take.

Adoption was also another possible option I pondered.  Since I knew abortion wasn’t right for me, I thought that maybe giving my daughter up for adoption in the hopes she will have a better life growing up with a family who can provide her with more opportunities would be a loving and selfless act.  I recognize that not only did I need to make a decision that was right for me, I also needed to make one that was in the best overall interest for my daughter.  Again, I reasoned with myself to come up with the correct solution to my dilemma.  In doing so, I concluded there is no right answer when it comes to matters of the heart.  I may not be able to provide my children with the materialistic wealth that comes from a dual income household but I know I can and will provide them with a warm and caring environment together with unconditional love and devotion.  In the end, love is what makes all the difference.


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