The first Saturday of December and it is cold…an early reminder that holiday season is upon us!  With my 12 year old son at his friend’s house yesterday for a sleepover, I was left to my own devices today and chose the warm comforts of home and not leave the house.  Bad call!!

Rather than doing anything productive all day, I found myself catching up on sleep (been suffering from insomnia lately coupled with not being able to find a comfortable side sleeping position), watching mind numbing TV, scouring the Internet and overindulging in some pregnancy cravings.  Oh and did I mentioned I played the lottery game in my head?  For those of you who are not familiar with this pastime, it is a fantasy one creates in imagining becoming an instant millionaire.  I am guilty of playing this game from time to time when the local lottery jackpot gets to be over double digits.  At first it’s fun to dream up different scenarios to what I would do if I won the lottery but now I think it’s taking on an unhealthy fixation.  Luckily the obsession hasn’t translated to wasting too much money on buying lottery tickets other than a dollar or two here and there.

From this, the question is brought to light, can money really buy happiness?  Do I fantasize about winning the lottery because it’s a harmless, temporary escape that provides entertainment?  Or am I being sucked into believing that money solves all problems?  Being a single parent, I know that right now money can indeed help make life easier for me and my child(ren).  However, if given the choice between my modest life now and living a decadent lifestyle without my son (soon to add my daughter to this equation), I will have to say that without a doubt I would opt for the former.  I can’t even begin to imagine how lonely, empty and sad my life would be without my child(ren).  In my opinion, there are just some things in life that money cannot buy.  Be honest and OWN your truth.  Do you believe that money can buy true happiness?



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